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For more than 20 years now that love has existed in virtual form, you will find here all the answers to your questions about love 2.0

Un homme envoyant un message depuis son téléphone

First contact, how to have a positive response?

You have browsed the list of members of the dating site and found someone who might interest you, so it's time to tell him.
femme prenant un selfie

Choosing the right photo for a dating site

If you are registered on a free dating site, you will probably have to go through the profile photo stage. This photo is particularly interesting, because in general it is that will trigger the click on your profile, so it is essential to make the right choice.

How to write your announce a dating site

Your ad is a very important part for your meetings, you will both describe yourself and give your vision of the ideal person, therefore his writing should not be done on a whime, but rather thoughtful.

10 tricks to find love on the Internet

Finding love on the Internet is what is trying to make thousands of people who like you are enrolled on a dating...