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How to write your announce a dating site

The choice of words is important, it is an important selection criterion for the person who visits your profile.

Writing your ad is a very important step for your future meetings. You will both describe and give your vision of the ideal person.

Therefore his writing should not be done on a whime, but must be rather thoughtful.

An important selection criterion

In General, the announcement is the second criterion of selection for the visitor of your profile. This is the first impression that he or she will have of you by reading you, so it is something very important.

Talk about yourself without saying too much

According to what you will write it will bring you more or less contact. To avoid running away be honest, you can talk about your physique, your dress style, your interests and why not your job (without specifying the name of your company).

Important: If you get out of a break avoid mentioning it in your ad.

Finally, do not detail these points in order to leave open doors to conversation topics if the person decides to contact you.

Put your assets ahead

Feel free to put yourself forward, what are your Trump (humor, intelligence, open-minded etc…) but remain humble otherwise you have a great chance to scare away under the pretext of bragging.

Heal your handwriting

Pay attention to your spelling, it is always nicer to read someone with a beautiful handwriting.

Indicate what you are looking for

Then in the second part of your ad, talk about your ideal. What do you expect physically, his character, children, animals or his commitment to you?

On the other hand do not be too directif, leave the field free to other people. Sometimes it is by discussing that we learn to know each other and that we revise his selection criteria.

To summarize, be positive and honest, normally you will soon be in touch with someone!


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