Accueil How to seduce? The different approach techniques

The different approach techniques

First article dedicated to the opening, Whatever your favorite flirting method, you will always need to approach a girl or a group.

Why talk first about the types of opening ? Because what I have seen over the past few years is that 90% of men are approaching:

By giving a compliment to the girl, like “Hi, I have to tell you I think you’re very pretty”. What can work quite well is even one of the types of approaches I will discuss later in the article. The problem is that you need a good dose of self-confidence and above all top-notch body language, which most beginners lack.

Using one of the worst clichés available, which is to offer the girl a drink before you even talk to her. If this is your style, forget about this bad habit, which leads to nothing 99.9% of the time.

That being said, here are the main types of approach:

The functional opening

It’s the simplest, which consists in asking the girl you’re going to approach for a banality, like “Do you have the time? “, “How do you get to…?”.

The advantage is that it works almost every time, almost every girl will answer you without any problem. The disadvantage is that it doesn’t go very far and it can be quite difficult to move on to a normal conversation afterwards.

Nevertheless, it is the kind of approach used to get in shape in an evening. It is also an excellent approach abroad, because the simple fact of not approaching a girl in her native language will very often start the conversation about where you come from, for example.

Ask for an opinion

It is “simply” to approach a group by asking their opinion on a subject. In theory, you can ask for almost anything, now is the time to let your imagination run wild! Still, avoid questions that are answered yes or no. You’ll have trouble getting the conversation going again.

This is really the kind of approach recommended for a beginner, because you approach from a totally neutral point of view, so you are not immediately seen as a threat by the group you are going to approach (unlike the classic “Can I buy you a drink?” which clearly announces the color).

Some examples:

“My friend Arnaud (by showing your friend) has just broken up with his girlfriend. How long should he wait before he meets his best friend? »
“Does kissing mean cheating? ” (basic, but it still works)

The situation opening

This opening is very simple: it involves using an element from your nearby environment to address. It could be what she’s drinking, the music playing, etc. It looks very easy like that, but two remarks nevertheless:

It is a kind of approach that is also widely used by people who have never heard of this kind of method. So try to be creative with this kind of approach.

The most important thing with this approach is to be spontaneous. If you see a woman you can approach with this kind of approach, go right away without hesitation.

The universal approach

Or how to approach without any particular technique. I remember talking about the different ways to approach beginner seduction friends, including approaching them by asking for an opinion and they would always end up saying to me, “Okay, but… what am I saying?”

If you sometimes ask yourself the same question when you approach, this kind of approach is right for you. Are you ready to go? This is the only sentence that will pass every time if you are not inspired at the time.


That’s it, that’s all. But here again, be careful! This type of approach must be combined with strong self-confidence and very good body language.

The direct approach

Finally, the last type of approach, the direct approach. These are approaches of the type:

“I think you’re very pretty, I had to come and talk to you”
“You’re the only girl in the room I’m really interested in.”

If it can be the most effective, it is also the most risky. With this type of approach, the person must immediately decide whether or not to go further. And for the moment, apart from your look and what you just said, she doesn’t know much about you. So you have to have very good body language with this kind of approach.

Forget the approach anxiety once and for all

The first problem most novices encounter is the fear of approaching, for fear of being rejected. Indeed, we can quickly get caught up in a vicious circle: you spot a group you want to approach, you get closer, then at the last moment you don’t get closer, because your mind will generate a whole bunch of bad thoughts


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