Accueil How to seduce? Knowing how to decipher a woman’s body language

Knowing how to decipher a woman’s body language

Do you ever look at a woman and wonder what she’s thinking? Although you can’t always guess what a woman you’re looking at is thinking, you can still learn some lessons from her gestures and movements.

Observe his reactions

As surprising as it may seem, about 70 to 90% of what we communicate to people is done visually and not by words. When you observe a woman, it is often useful to do the “eye test”. Just stare at her and wait for her gaze to cross yours.

Then analyze the situation? Does it suddenly avoid your eyes or does it also look at you for a moment? Does she look at you for a second and then grope her hair right after? Does she miss a smile when she looks at you? Does she seem to be saying good things about you to her friend or bad? Take stock and act accordingly.

Examine his attitude

A woman’s behaviour is not limited to her reaction when she sees you. See if she seems in a hurry, for example.

If she looks at her watch or cell phone soon, then the answer is yes, it is useless to approach her. To know how to flirt is also to know when not to flirt.

Since women are often accompanied, before you rush to talk to her, wait until she is alone so as not to disturb her. She’ll be much more receptive to your approach.

Once you have successfully completed this step, you can talk to her and gain her trust. During this conversation phase, you will be able to study her physical behaviour in order to measure your potential success with her.

Eye and body analysis

In general, it is quite easy to detect if a woman is really interested in you. It can be seen in his eyes and body:

If a woman keeps her eyes in your eyes for a long time when you speak, it is a good sign. If, on the contrary, she seems to pay a lot of attention to what is happening around you, it is because she prefers to be elsewhere than with you.

Similarly, if she often looks at her watch or cell phone, it means that she is looking to leave or find an excuse to stop meeting you. Also, if she keeps her arms crossed, it is another sign that she is trying to “protect” herself from you.

On the other hand, if she puts her hair back in place or readjusts her shirt, these are small signs that she tries to show off because she likes you.

A smile that can say a lot

Another good sign: she is smiling. The absence of a smile throughout your conversation can mean two things: either she gets bored with you or she’s worried about something else.

You will see that it is quite easy to know if the current situation is between you and a conquest, but keep your eyes open to capture its non-verbal communication.

This is especially important in order not to waste your time with a woman who is not receptive. Sometimes it’s better to desist than to insist.


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