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For more than 20 years now that love has existed in virtual form, you will find here all the answers to your questions about love 2.0

Un homme envoyant un message depuis son téléphone

First contact, how to have a positive response?

You have browsed the list of members of the dating site and found someone who might interest you, so it's time to tell him.

Completing my profile: the list of errors to avoid!

How do I complete his profile on a dating site? Describing yourself to strangers in a few characters and some pictures is...
arnaque sur internet

How to detect a scam when you meet on the Internet

There are many scams on the Internet, dating sites are privileged places by scammers, learn to detect them quickly
clavier avec une touche love

5 techniques to seduce on the Internet and get a first contact

You just found a profile that seems to match you, so it's time to contact this person but how to go about...