Accueil Online dating First contact, how to have a positive response?

First contact, how to have a positive response?

To get an answer you have to follow some basic principles.

Un homme envoyant un message depuis son téléphone

You have browsed the list of members of the dating site and found someone who might interest you, so it’s time to tell him.

The first step is to send him a message in order to start a conversation and observe how the relationship can develop.

It is important to do things right, this first contact will be decisive for the recipient, it will allow to determine your intelligence, your personality and your intentions.

First contact: attention to spelling and grammar

To put all your chances on your side it is essential to respect a few rules, your message must be clear and without mistakes of grammar or spelling, this is the first image of you that the recipient will have and as much as it is rather good.

Be inventive, get out of the lot

Apart from the structure of the message, the content is just as important, try to stand out from the others, interest you in the person, ask her what she does in the life that they are his passions etc.

Do not speak immediately of his physical

Avoid sending a message based solely on the physical of the person, there is a good chance of receiving no response, in your message try to find commonalities that you might have, something that could start a conversation between you two.

Now it’s up to you to play, on your keyboard! If you respect these few points you should receive a response almost to blows on!


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