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Find here the articles concerning the theme of couple life in order to improve and develop your relationship in everyday life.

Photo d'un couple déchirée

How can I forget her ex?

Passing the difficult stage of the break it is not very obvious to forget and turn the page of a relationship to...
L'amour en vacances

Holiday love: how to prolong your history?

The holidays are there, you have managed to seduce at the beach and since you maintain a holiday love but you do...
Un uomo che offre un regalo

Valentine's day, gift ideas for her

You are not without knowing that on February 14th is Valentine's day, you only have a few days to find the perfect gift, no...
Couple avec un enfant

How to approach the subject of children in a romantic relationship?

You just met someone but he or she already has children. Of course we will have to talk about it together because...