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How to handle jealousy

Jealousy is one of the first causes of separation in couples.

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Jealousy can be cute but only in small doses! When the other is a real jealous it is a source of problem that can very quickly cause the destruction of the couple, so we must act quickly.

Put it in trust

If your half is constantly blaming you for futile gestures try at first to understand it.

In fact all part of a good feeling the other loves you but, so afraid to lose you that his reactions are exaggerated. It is often linked to a lack of self-confidence, the best solution is simply to reassure him. Tell him that you love him and that you do not see one without the other.

Reassure the other

To calm the situation do not hesitate to compliment him by showing your attraction to him or her.

You can also compliment him on how to dress and his little gestures of the daily/in plain give him insurance. It is necessary that feeling insecure within the couple disappear completely.

The mirror effect

If after all this you still have no results, then let him see how he or she leads you hard life. Imitate him by using his phrases and his reflections even to be noticed in public.

Browse his phone or his short emails make him see enough to make him understand that the situation is unlivable.

Normally you should see an improvement if this is not the case you can always consult a conjugal specialist who will find a solution to your problems.


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