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5 main causes of a rupture in a couple

Couple en pleine dispute

The reasons for a separation in a couple are often the same, we have deciphered the 5 main causes in order to help you understand them better.

1The loss of cold blood

Imagine that your partner says something you don’t like, something that gets you out of your hinges, you have a choice: you can either react spontaneously to your feelings (with the risk of your partner packing), or you can take a step back and ask why your partner told you that.

Often it is said to “think before talking” by reacting spontaneously you may say things that you do not think or that you will regret and that can lead to a separation.

When you take the time to think, you seize an opportunity to learn more about yourself, which is the real goal of a long-term relationship.

2The routine

When we are in a relationship, quite often settles what we call routine.

Nothing serious, as long as we do not become adamant about changing these habits. If every Saturday you are going to dine at the same restaurant, order the same thing and meet the same people, or if you go home every night to lie on the couch together to watch TV, you may be dying by little fire your relationship.

From the moment you stop interested in your couple this is the sign that passion dies in it.

Force yourself to change your habits outside the bedroom to make things interesting inside of it.


Jealousy is often responsible for many breakdowns. Who has never had any doubts about his partner?

Unfortunately, the feeling of jealousy remains complicated to eradicate because it is already quite often the sign of a break in the couple.

If you no longer trust your partner you will never get away with it, you must clearly establish a dialogue quickly between you or you will run to the separation.


Couples too much on each other are condemned from the outset. It is important that everyone is a little space in a couple.

Without even noticing, we can be intrusive in the eyes of our partner.

It is important that everyone has their place in the couple, otherwise you are heading towards a certain separation.

Having a little privacy each is a good way to have things to say and therefore avoid the routine.

5Lack of affection

The lack of affection in a relationship usually occurs because of all the behaviors listed above.

However, a routine sexuality and a lack of physical affection can also come from ourselves, because of negative thoughts that prevent us from expressing our sexuality.

For example, you may feel guilty about your lack of desire, but if you and your partner have a capacity to communicate freely and openly, this problem can be solved and help you better understand yourself.

In other words, the more you communicate, the better your couple’s sexuality is, it’s not a bad idea, right?


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