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When do I introduce my friends?

One day it will be necessary to make the presentations, it is not easy to choose when to do it.

Couple avec des amis
Présentez votre partenaire à vos amis

You are now a couple and the rumor is beginning to spread around you. Your friends wonder and wish to meet the one who has made your heart capsized. Not sure if this is still the right time to introduce them? So read on;)

With which friends?

We all know, with some friends it may be complicated, so the ideal is to organize a meeting with a lot of friends to allow him to find someone among your friends.

If his first meeting takes place in a small Committee, choose friends who have a personality close enough, the ideal could be to have friends who practise the same profession for example.

So when do we see each other?

There is no real rule to organize a meeting with your new love relationship. In general this is organized naturally and not forcing things you will be more serene.

In addition to officiating your meeting, you are spending an extra step and strengthening your relationship, but keep in mind that you should not rush things. It is better to wait for your relationship to be permanently installed between you two, it will give you the time to know you better and thus to understand the meeting best.

See you where?

Having a drink in a café for a casual meeting is what we advise you to formalize your couple’s presentation to your friends. Why not invite also some of his friends to reassure her and also get acquainted?

UM, I’m still hesitating…

The formalization of your couple to your friends is not mandatory at the beginning of your relationship. Nevertheless, asking your friends will be more and more insistent and at this moment it may be advisable to organise a date.

Your friends will reinforce your relationship, they’ll be there to advise you and support you in case of a problem, you will get out only winner in the end.

Finally, if you come out of a difficult relationship and your friends were attached to your ex, don’t rush things and wait a little longer to formalize your new relationship. You can give time to time, no hurry!


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