Accueil Relationships How to approach the subject of children in a romantic relationship?

How to approach the subject of children in a romantic relationship?

It's common for your suitor to have already built a family.

Couple avec un enfant

You just met someone but he or she already has children. Of course we will have to talk about it together because it may be more or less complex depending on the situation, but it must not be a hindrance to your relationship.

It is not uncommon that during a meeting one or the other has already had a love life before especially when advancing in age.

The difficulty depends on the age of the children…

Tackling the subject will depend mainly on the age of the children, it is generally easier to be accepted by large children because, their life is less impacted by your arrival in the family, for smaller children the task may be more complicated and a t adaptation SPF will be necessary so that they identify you in this reconstituted family.

Dialogue, an important step…

You will have to talk very seriously with your partner in order to decide when to intervene, you must both be absolutely ready.

A meeting not too solemn…

In order to skip the steps it may be interesting to get acquainted with children outside the House, a cinema, a museum or a park of attraction can untie languages and avoid a blocking of children, this time will have to be fun and they will have to keep a good memory.

As the phrase “we must give time to time” says, so everything should be done naturally and everyone should find their place in this new love story.


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