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5 common problems to seduce a vegetarian person

femme végétarienne

Imagine the context, you just met a person, making more knowledge but, you learn that your partner is vegetarian! Nothing serious, but you are going to be confronted with some little problems more or less common.

You’re going to have trouble finding a restaurant

This is one of the biggest problems, look at the maps of the restaurants you frequent, vegetarian dishes are rare see non-existent, in the big cities it is easier to find the rare gem but, you will still be much more limited in your choice of restaurants.

You will hesitate to invite him to a family dinner

If in your family we eat meat since always you will have to prepare the ground because, the questions quickly annoying will happen like for example you are not hungry? Why don’t you eat meat etc.

Avoid these situations that could make your partner uncomfortable.

You will be afraid to offend him

If you do not know the reason that prompted your partner to become a vegetarian you will have to walk on eggs because, there are multiple reasons (cultural, religious, animal welfare…) and you may not understand this choice, stay open to discussion, but do not go into the details immediately.

You will discover that all the wines are not vegetarian

You thought that only food is affected by this diet? Think again, if you decide to share a glass of wine for example know that the wine contains yeast or sometimes even Bull’s blood!

You will be worried about whether you should become a vegetarian too

This is the question you go mainly ask yourself is a couple life is possible by having a completely different diet, needless to say that it will not be easy and that it can create some conflicts see even a rupture but , if there is tolerance in your couple then nothing is impossible.


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