Accueil Fun Facts Sexual relationship: a sensation of well-being up to 48h after the Act

Sexual relationship: a sensation of well-being up to 48h after the Act

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A study published in psychological science revealed that a sensation of well-being after a sexual relationship to positive effects up to 48h after the Act and helps to strengthen couples who have frequent sexual intercourse.

Sexual relationship = happiness

The lead author of the study, psychologist Andrea Meltzer said:

“Our research shows that couples with a high level of satisfaction 48 hours after a sexual relationship, are happier in their couple lives several months later. »

A study based on 200 honeymooners

To reach their conclusion, Meltzer and his team reviewed the data collected from two studies involving more than 200 newlyweds.

Before going to sleep, couples were told to note in a newspaper whether or not they had sex and regardless of their response, couples also had to assess the feelings about their sex lives, their spouses and their marriages at that particular time.

More United and less confrontational couples

With these data, the researchers found that each time a sexual relationship was practised, both partners felt much happier over the next two days.

Another interesting point they concluded was that factors such as age and gender did not matter.

According to the study, couples who felt high levels of satisfaction and happiness also stated that they were more satisfied with their marriage. Moreover these couples were for example confronted with fewer conflicts when the arrival of a newborn in their lives.

One cannot conclude that they will be happy for ever, but the diminution of this feeling of happiness and satisfaction within the couple was not as fast as in contrast to those practicing less regularly the sexual act.

Sexuality, a major role in the couple.

“This study is important because it joins other conclusions suggesting that sexuality to a large extent of importance in a couple,” added Meltzer.

This work also corroborates with another study conducted by a team of researchers, who concluded that happy couples favoured cuddling rather than orgasms conversely to those who had less sex.

So you know what you have to do to maintain the flame in your couple!


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