Accueil Relationships Holiday love: how to prolong your history?

Holiday love: how to prolong your history?

L'amour en vacances

The holidays are there, you have managed to seduce at the beach and since you maintain a holiday love but you do not think that this relationship can last? Think again, it is possible to make your love live once back home.

After the holidays, keep in touch

The most important thing is to maintain the relationship, for that send you regular messages or photos, call you as much as possible in order not to extinguish the flame that there is between you two, be careful not to do too much you could scare your Partner!

See you again

Many remote relationships fail because the fact of not having a physical contact is the main cause of rupture in this type of relationship, so it will be necessary to organize meetings, invite your partner to come spend a weekend at home or the reverse this will be an opportunity to check your feelings towards each other.

Going on vacation

Do you still have the feeling? So why not redo a week’s holiday together at the ski this time? This may be the next step


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