Accueil How to seduce? How to dress for a first date with a woman?

How to dress for a first date with a woman?

Choosing the right clothes is just as important as the rest, it's the first image we get.

Holding the first appointment is very important. This is the first real picture you sent back to the person you invited.

Choose a special occasion outfit

Adapt the outfit according to where you are going: are you going to walk in a park, at the beach for swimming, horseback riding or even climbing? Neutral colors, a fairly classic style and some accessories are recommended if the destination has not been determined.

Be comfortable

Try to feel the most comfortable while staying elegant, it is better to be comfortably dressed in order to take advantage of the best of yourself. An example of a simple, comfortable outfit giving a very elegant image is a white shirt and leather shoes that will be of the best effect!

Do not make ‘ too much ‘

Avoid being “too”, the main goal is to remain natural. For example too much perfume can hinder easily, hair with too much gel may seem ridiculous. The best solution is to ask a person of the women’s opinion.

With these few clothing tips you should easily impress and give a good picture of yourself and don’t forget it’s not just the first date that counts, stay stylish on every appointment!


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