Accueil Fun Facts These foods that are rated to seduce

These foods that are rated to seduce

The food we eat would make us more attractive, be careful because this is not the case for all foods!

alimenti per sedurre

“Young man with a lawyer, looking for a young girl to taste a guacamole”. It’s literally the phrase that you might want to flirt on the Internet.

According to the Zoosk dating site, what we eat helps us get contacts on dating apps.

Millions of profiles analyzed

Zoosk analyzed about 3.7 million profiles and more than 363 million messages. Objective: to interpret the relationship between food and the interactions of singles. Beware here we do not speak of a specific dish, but rather of basic foods.

Among all the foods listed, it is the lawyer who draws his pin from the game, probably linked to his festive and fashionable side in the kitchen videos. On the side of the losers we find the Eggplant with 21%, and the one you should avoid mentioning is the sweet potato, your chances of a first message would decrease by 70%! Notice that it is still quite common to indicate on his profile that one is a fan of sweet potato.

Food = more likely to seduce

What can be concluded? We realize that liking to eat sends a positive message, the greedy or the kitchen enthusiasts have more chance to type in the eye than the others, the moral of this story so it is not hesitate to talk about food in your profile and so you v wander your chances of getting a first message grow by 82%!

Here is the top 10 food to evoke to seduce:

  1. Guacamole (144%)
  2. Potatoes (101%)
  3. Chocolate (100%)
  4. Salad (97%)
  5. Sushi (93%)
  6. The lawyer (91%)
  7. Pasta (75%)
  8. Cheese (75%)
  9. Cakes (72%)
  10. Burgers (68%)


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